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Virtual learning support you can take with when living or working abroad

This is a student who is learning to read and write.


At The Global Village Tutors, we have a broad range of virtual support to help provide specialized services for kids with dyslexia and/or ADHD.


Our experienced educators and professionals are dedicated to helping students overcome their challenges and succeed academically in the world. We offer a variety services, from one-on-one instruction or school guidance through the learning support process tailored to each student and family's unique needs.

If you are frustrated that your child’s international school can’t fully support their needs and worry about your child’s confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Or perhaps you are a representative at an international school that knows they can do more!

At Global Village Tutors, we will help you succeed at your international school, and you will find comfort knowing your family can continue to thrive no matter where you live in the world. Contact us today!


What Our
& Parents

"My son's attitude about reading changed completely. He couldn't wait to meet with her each week, and his confidence and reading fluency improved incredibly quickly. His teachers noticed a substantial difference in his schoolwork, and most importantly, his self-esteem related to academics improved, making school, in general, a more positive experience for him."

-Erin, Grade 2 parent in Tequcigalpa, Honduras

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