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Advocacy & Guidance

Family Support

Do you feel your child is "left-behind" or struggling to have your school hear you concerns?

We have been successfully supporting students around the world for years. We have experienced international school teachers, administrators and professionals who have a variety of remote learning supports—

  • Child dyslexia screening

  • Behavior support plans

  • IEP/ILP writing & feedback

  • IEP/ILP progress-monitoring

  • and more!

School Support

International schools can struggle to support the neuro-diverse needs of children and growing needs placed on parents in a changing world. We can help administration to adapt or provide the services their students and community needs.

  • Administrative guidance for establishing a robust learning support department that aligns with US standards and current practices

  • Screening for dyslexia and consultation about other screening options

  • Ongoing training or powerful workshops to staff

  • and more!

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