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Executive Functioning Skills  

Our world is chaotic, evolving, and a fast-paced machine for children and adult's to navigate. The phrase executive functioning refers to a set of cognitive skills. "Much like an air traffic control system at an airport helps planes on different runaways land and take off safely, executive function skills help our brains prioritize tasks, filter distractions, and control impulses." In short-it's how we get things done!

Building these skills helps to pay attention, organize and plan effectively, initiate and stay focused on tasks, regulate our emotions, and keep track of what we are doing. Students who struggle with executive function skills often have difficulty completing or turning in homework; others need help managing demanding schedules and associated stress or something as simple as organizing their backpacks. It's often not a behavioral choice as much as a neurological function of the brain.

Students often need coaching on how to create an environment that maximizes on-task behavior and minimizes avoidance behaviors to reduce anxiety and improve academic performance. We have tutors who use a variety of socio-emotional curriculums (Social Thinking, etc) to support executive functioning skill building.

Our tutors connect and work with students to use evidence-based curriculum to address:
-Materials management
-Planning and time management
-Study strategies
-Understanding learning strengths

-Goal setting


-Classroom structure and learning environment 

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