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Summer Classes

Our team consists of experienced educators who are passionate about helping students succeed. With their expertise and dedication, your child will be well-equipped to excel in various learning strategies and beyond.

Don't let the summer slide impact your child's academic progress. Invest in their future today with our summer tutoring programs!

Take the first step toward a summer filled with learning success!

Overall Schedule

Reading Bootcamp

M-W-Thursday ~ 30-min sessions
July 8 - August 23 ~ 6 Weeks

*Please contact for other arrangements*

Executive Functioning Bootcamps

Middle School (Rising 6th grade - 8th) or High School
Two types are offered: Growth & Skills / Grit & Growth Mindset

M-Thursday ~ 2 hour sessions

July 22-25

August 5 - 8
August 12 - 15
August 19 - 22

College Essay Writing Workshop

The initial meeting will be in a group. Subsequent sessions are individual & include ongoing feedback.
Four  2-hr sessions
July Cohort - 8th - 25th


August Cohort - 5th - 22nd

*Private sessions available*

All camps have a maximum of 4 students

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